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ClipCache is an easy to use and powerful clipboard extender and a whole lot more! It monitors clipboard activity and aids not only in the management of saved clips, but in cleaning up and modifying those clips in many, many useful ways. Now you can copy and store clips from emails or webpages and remove the annoying ">>>>" marks or huge gaps and spaces left when copying from webpages constructed with webtables.

ClipCache offers so much more than simply capturing the clipboard content. It's many utilities in one:

  • Text editor and cleaner
    A Cleanup Text dialog box allows multiple formatting operations (such as stripping >>>> from emails) to be performed in one-click.
  • Data/text storage and retrieval tool
    Snippets of text or images copied minutes, days, even years ago are never more than a few clicks aways.
  • Quick access to favorite clips
    Frequently used clips can be marked as favorites clips for quick and easy access.

Whenever you use the standard Windows clipboard to cut and paste, only one item may be placed onto the clipboard at a time. Thus, copying an object to the clipboard deletes the clipboard's previous content.

With ClipCache installed on your system, this powerful utility sits quietly in the system tray, monitoring all clipboard activity. ClipCache automatically saves clipboard content so that the clips may then be retrieved minutes, hours or weeks later. Clips can be organized into folders. Text clips can be edited on the spot using any of the many handy cleanup functions available. ClipCache imposes no limits of the number of clips it can store.


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Main Window ClipMenu Favorite Clips Recent Clip List System Tray
All clips are available from the main window. A convenient list of folders and clips that can be navigated by keyboard or mouse. The list appears either near where you are typing or near the mouse, the choice is yours. Each clip can be assigned a Favorite Label. When the Favorite Hotkey is pressed, ClipCache displays a list of favorite clips that can be quickly searched. Any clip recently captured can be quickly retrieved by pressing the Recent Clip List Up or Down hotkey. The ClipCache tray icon conveniently displays clips ready for pasting. There is also an alternate menu style.

Here's just a few useful things ClipCache can do for you:
  • ClipCache is an ideal research tool, collect snippets of text (or images) from webpages for later reviewing.
  • Copy text to the clipboard without worrying about losing what is already on the Windows Clipboard, this is ideal for programmers and authors that wish to copy several different blocks of text to the clipboard.
  • Perform many useful functions like word count, merge clips to create lists, strip out HTML tags and much more.
  • Convert copied text that contains color and font styes so they are pasted as plain text.
  • Do you find yourself writing the same response to emails over and over, save time and let ClipCache do it for you.
  • Create, edit and manage your own set of text cleaners to do exactly what you want.
  • Text clips are easily created and are useful for creating notes to yourself.
  • Store images for later viewing or transferring to an image editor.
  • Game cheats: visit your favourite game cheat site and copy any cheats to a "cheats" folder, then print them out with ClipCache later.

Awards & Reviews


Praised by both individual users and large companies alike for its extraordinary productivity enhancement capability, ClipCache is the best utility of its type available, and has site licenses in place with IBM, AT&T, Bosch, Cuna Mutual, BankFirst Corp, The Oregonian, The New Haven Register, Basler Electric, Short Line School as well as many other major corporations.

"At The Oregonian, the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, we have found ClipCache to be an invaluable aid in manipulating text and images. It offers us the capability to efficiently store, manage and retrieve bits of data for insertion in news and feature stories. It makes compiling wire news roundups a snap. Xrayz Software and InfiniSource, who offered The Oregonian a site license at a reasonable cost, have a great product here - an immense improvement over Microsoft's Windows 95 Clipboard and Clipboard Viewer, which limit you to one clip at a time."

"I'm a professional writer with 5 novels, one non-fiction book and numerous magazine articles to my credit. I'm currently doing a lot of technical writing and also editing magazine articles. ClipCache is simple, well thought out and easy to use. It has greatly increased my productivity."

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