Share Your Smiles And Laughs

IncrediFace 1.5.

IncrediFace is fun and easy to use software to create incredible, humorous and funny shows.

Put your face or your friends and family into movie poster, famous people, object, animal and hundreds more. Add animation, funny quotes, speech bubbles (callouts), sound effects, voice and background music.It is great for creating photo gift, greeting card, or even practical jokes.

Have fun with your digital photos and share your smiles and laughs !

New features:
o You can now set the HTML background color
o You can now choose the exported image dimension
o 80+ new exciting templates from our user submissions

Product Key Features
- Add animation, sound & voice
- Add background music
- Over 200+ ready to use templates
- Create & share your own templates
- Send shows via email
- Burn shows into CD
- Create screensaver and wallpaper
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Start with 

Over 200+ ready to use templates such as movie poster, celebrities, famous people, animal, objects, etc.
This template collection are regularly updated.


Create your own photo template from any digital photo. You can also share it to other users.

Add Face Photo

Add your own face photo or your friends and family
• Touch up face photo to match with template.
• Adjust skin brightness, contrast and tone.
• Resize and rotate face photo.

Decorate Show

Add clipart and speech bubbles
• Add special effects such as lighting, rain, snow etc.
• Add animated clipart.
• Add speech bubbles anywhere on the photo.

Add music, sound and voice
• Choose your own music or from IncrediFace music collection.
• Add your own voice using microphone or WAV file.

Additional cliparts are also free to download and are regularly updated. 

Publish and Share

Send via email
• Send your show for free via email.

Put your show onto CD-ROM
• Suitable to share your show with other computer users.
• The CD-ROM will auto-launch the show when inserted into the CD drive.

Publish on your website
• Create HTML file from your show to be published on your own website.

Create wallpaper and screensavers
• Personalize your Desktop PC with screensavers and wallpaper made from your show.
• Make an installation for your screen saver to share it with friend and family.

Print as gifts/labels/greeting cards
• Print your photos with or without decoration.
• Print as a standard, jumbo, full size photo, greeting card, label, CD cover, sticker or wallet photo.

Create an executable file
• Suitable for making marketing or presentation material.
• Distribute your show easily.

Try IncrediFace 1.5 for free.

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