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Scared of online parasites stealing your money and identity?


Do you see these symptoms of deep infection on your PC:

 Annoying pop ups and error messages?
 Low performance?
 System instability?

If you answered "Yes" to each question,
It's Time To Select Your Defense Tactics!

Over 10 000 customers all over the world trust our solutions

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Which of three tactics will you choose?

Tactics 1: Shield

Active Shield boxshotBuild a complete shield against spyware, trojans and other kinds of pests. Don't let them even reach your PC.

Use Active Shield.

Active Shield is the ultimate heuristic screen, that actively protects your computer from trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and other kinds of malware.Don't wait while malicious programs take root in your computer. Don't let them reach your PC with help of Active Shield!



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Remember that active defense is more effective than passive. What does it mean? Other anti-trojan and anti-spyware utilities search for malicious programs on your hard drive and registry, when these programs are already in your system. Active Shield works for your system just like how a firewall deals with Internet traffic.
If a malicious program tries to reach your PC, Active Shield will intercept it and block it.

Try Active Shield |Buy Active Shield and make your PC safe Now!

Tactics 2: Sword

True Sword boxshotScan your PC and get rid of trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers and keyloggers in one click. Use the power of one of the easiest and handiest spyware scanners in the world.

Use True Sword.

Fast, easy, and handy, True Swordprotects your computer against malicious programs, doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy.

These programs include trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and even some special kinds of viruses. True Sword scans your hard disks, registry and processes and removes all malicious software found. It also removes malicious BHOs and tracking cookies.


Scan your PC for free now!

Try True Sword |Buy True Sword and get rid of pests on your PC Now!

Tactics 3: Suite

Are you ready to turn you computer into secure stronghold and get rid of spyware, adware and trojans? Thentry combined power of Active Shield and True Sword in Security Stronghold Suite!

True Sworddemolishes malicious scouts that are already in your system, while Active Shieldfights against invaders that are on the avenue of approach to your PC.

What is Security Integrator that you give me as a bonus?

Security Integrator provides fast and handy access to Active Shield and True Sword, manages Active Shield's autorun option and gives you ability to:

  • View, add and delete items in Windows autorun list
  • View and kill necessary currently run processes

Yes, I realized that the combined power of three programs is exactly what I need to keep my PC clean and safe.

Get Security Suite consisting of Active Shield, True Sword and Security Integrator Now!



"Thank you so much for the product. You really need to let people know how great your program and Customer Service is. Nowadays you can't really find either one unless you spend a lot of money. And then something still is usually wrong. I am very satisfied with your service."

Marie Pauley

"Saved my bacon when other programs failed"


"Really I recommend it! It found 15 trojans in my supposed to be clean PC! (sweeper, s&d, zoneA etc)"


"Dropped active processes from 35 to 23 therefore reducing boot time and overall performance. Found removable items that AdAware and Registry Mechanic would not touch."


"I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product
you have in true sword. NONE of
them worked at all. It was so frustrating!
then, I downloaded true sword, and it took care of the problem in the blink of an eye."

Drew Cutler

"It saved me from having to manually edit my registry, eliminate
programs that other anti-virus type software failed to detect."

Rob Silverman

"This worked fantastically... It fixed ALL my problems and I
forgot all about the frustration of the past 11 hours when I used your
product. It was amazing. I installed it, ran it, set the fixes to auto and
sat back and in under 3 minutes....clean PC."

Chris Cassil

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