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DiskMagik is an intelligently designed utility to defragment the hard drive of a Windows PC. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, it will help maintain your system in peak operating condition. A MUST-HAVE for all computer users interested in maintaining their computer's performance.

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Windows XP includes a very basic disk defragmenting utility. But it has its limitations and must be run manually when you can remember to do it. Windows Vista defrag adds a scheduling option but takes a giant step backwards in terms of user interface and options. DiskMagik also includes powerful Command Line scheduling options, but it has several powerful features not included in the Windows utilities including Boot-time defrag, Realtime or Proactive defrag, and Complete Defrag which will rearrange and reprioritize the order of files on the disk, including the Windows Swap file or Pagefile as it is now called on XP and Vista, permitting faster file access on demand.
proactive technology
In addition, it includes our exclusive "Proactive Defragmentation" technology. This extraordinary feature gives you the option to run DiskMagik silently in the background at all times. Using minimal system resources, and smart enough to sense periods of low activity to do its job, the proactive techonology will automatically defragment files as they become fragmented keeping your disk in peak operating condition all the time!

avoid hard drive crash and burn Avoid system slowdown, PC crashes, slow startup and shutdown, and potential system failure. DiskMagik is the ideal tool for maintaining your PC in an optimized state for the greatest reliability, and fastest file access and response time. DiskMagik will work on all internal, external and USB harddrives connected to your PC, including RAID. DiskMagik is not intended for network use.

Do not confuse DiskMagik and the performance enhancement it provides with registry optimizers. The Windows registry is an important component of Windows performance, but optimizing your registry does absolutely nothing about optimizing your computer's hard drive. The hard disk drive on a Windows PC is by far the slowest component on your PC. Even high amounts of memory (RAM) and a fast processor cannot overcome the limitations of a slow disk drive... and nothing slows a hard drive down like excessive fragmentation!

Although this is a powerful tool suitable for advanced users, it is also perfect for the novice as well. A very user friendly multi step configuration wizard makes the initial setup a snap.

Use DiskMagik with full confidence. The engine which powers DiskMagik has been in use for several years and is 100% reliable. DiskMagik is fully backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.


"This is definitely a valuable software tool for me. After all the Microsoft defragger is very old. Thanks!"
Bill Maclaughlin (Betatester) <email_withheld@cox.net>
"I don't know what you folks did, but DiskMagik is QUICK!!!!! No bugs or complaints - let her rip !!!!!!!!!"
Arnon Ives (Betatester) <email_withheld@gmail.com>
"A welcome fast change to the regular Windows XP DeFrag. It also defragged my portable hard drive with ease. I would readily use and recommend this software."
Rev. Charles D. Good (Betatester) <email_withheld@hotmail.com>
"I have tested DiskMagik on 5 computers... performance has improved in all areas... I would recommend the product to my users."
Alex Faure (Betatester) <email_withheld@global.co.za>


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  • DiskMagik is designed to run unobtrusively in the background while you continue using your PC.

  • Defragments your drive more quickly, effectively and reliably than many competing utilities

  • User friendly multi step configuration wizard to make initial setup a snap.

  • Three Modes of operation: Quick, Complete and Advanced

  • Can restructure the drive and move frequently fragmented files to the outside of the disk

  • Proactive or Background mode allows continuous defragmenting of newly fragmented files

  • DiskMagik also features powerful Command Line scheduling options

  • Boot-time Defrag to defragment certain key files before Windows boots

  • Exclusive ClusterExplorer displays files that are physically contained within a block.

  • Complete report including configurable column options to show fragmented files, files moved, etc.

  • Capability to exclude certain drives from fragmentation

Download a Free trial now!
DiskMagik is available for 14 day trial download with no limitations.
Buy now in a secure online transaction
Just $29.95 - Buy now in a secure online transaction with 30 day money-back guarantee

     Keep your Windows Computer operating at Peak Performance at all times with DiskMagik.